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Up to the Challenge from Down Under

Commissions for our artists come in many forms and from many sources.  Equestrian Art International received an enquiry in August from the wife of one of Australia’s leading trainers.  She had seen the work of Roy Miller SEA, AAEA, one of the world’s foremost equestrian artists and was captivated by Roy’s impressionist style, which gave her the idea of a commission for a painting as a Christmas present for her husband.

The brief was far from straightforward.  The client wanted to celebrate the significant milestones in her husband’s career, which was to include all his top horses and major race wins as well as celebrating some personal life history, but all incapsulated in a single work of art.  After much debate, it was decided to paint a fictional horse race featuring the star performers in the trainer’s career racing at Royal Ascot, where one of his horses was once invited to compete.

Roy Miller, the artist, who is famous for disguising and hiding images of famous jockeys in background scenes was clever and talented enough to do likewise with the trainer himself, clasping The Golden Slipper Trophy one of the many classic and group victories of his career to date.  If you look closely at the image of the painting you can see the trainer’s head in the grandstand looking down on his equine super stars.

The painting was completed on time, to budget and delivered safely to the client in time for a Christmas surprise.

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