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Celebrating the Glamorous Side of Racing and Polo

To many racegoers and polo fans, the attraction of going racing or watching polo is the excitement of wagering a bet or watching a 10 goaler juggling a polo ball at full tilt. To many others it’s all about the social scene, the chance to put on a show, to people watch, to be seen and to look glamorous.

There is nowhere as quintessentially British as a racecourse or a polo field for dressing up and putting on a show, especially in Summer!

Rob Hefferen is a master artist of the elegant and beautiful. His photo-realistic portraits of the rich and famous sell for thousands. But over the last few months of 2023 he has been working on a series of impressionist paintings on canvas capturing the glamour of the sport of racing and polo.

All the paintings are original and are priced at a fraction of his celebrity portraits. A selection are already on his page on the website and we will be exhibiting them for the first time at the Cheltenham Festival in March.

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