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Advance to Mayfair

The Director of a leading London interior design company was visiting another of her major clients when she saw the equestrian paintings of Vineta Sayer hanging in various suites there. It was ‘light bulb’ moment as she had recently won the contract to furnish the new house in Mayfair of a Middle Eastern client.

The only ‘snag’ was that the refurbishment had to be completed in just a few weeks and the contract required the delivery of two bespoke paintings in oils of Arab horses by the artist.

Needless to say the artist relished the challenge. Sketches were produced and signed off by the client, paintings were finished and shipped to the the UK for framing and Equestrian Art International delivered the paintings to the Mayfair address several days ahead of the deadlines, where they are now hanging side by side in the reception entrance.

For more information about commissions by our artists please contact [email protected].

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