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Some Commissions are Worth the Wait

To: John Thorley

August 24th, 2019

Just a few words about a most special painting, The Drum Horse, which was made for me by Mr. Roy Miller. The history of this painting goes back almost 17 years when I first caught a glimpse of Mr. Miller’s work on a trip to London. I was having high tea at the Four Seasons Hotel when a bit of serendipity occurred and while seated I was able to view the “Two ½ Drum Horses” painting. I was so intrigued with the detail of the Royal Guards and the fluidity of the horses that I had to find out about this painting. Doing some research I came to find out that the name of the painting and the name of the artist, Mr. Roy Miller. I even took a photo of the painting and placed it my travel book as “My painting at the Four Seasons”.

Fast forward to 2019, and again by a bit of serendipity, I was able to connect with Mr. Roy Miller via Equestrians International and Mr. John Thorley. The rest as they say is history and having commissioned a painting, “The Drum Horse”, will now be making its way across the pond to its new home in Florida.

Mere words cannot explain sufficiently the joy that this painting has given me. While I was in London this summer, my mother and I were able to meet with Mr. Thorley and his lovely wife, to get a glimpse of “my” painting before returning to the states. We discussed framing details and all the time I had the biggest smile on my face.

It has been a pleasure and an honor to make everyone’s acquaintance in this journey which has spanned many years.   I hope those of you looking at the painting in the newsletter have enjoyed it as well, now that you know the behind the scenes story~

Sincerely           Dr. Daryle Wane

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