Alasdair Banks

Alasdair studied fine art at Edinburgh College of Art. On graduating he embarked  on a long career in local authority arts management, teaching art and curating exhibitions.

During this time he perfected his artistic skills by producing work in the area of sporting art, particularly equine art. This area has traditionally been dominated by artists who, in the main, based their methodology on photographic references. Alasdair wanted to replace such static photographic realism with an expressionist style to reflect the speed and energy represented by the sporting horse in action, his influences being the impressionist Degas and expressionist Kirchner.

“His paintings of horse racing have an explosion of line that expresses not just the movement of the horses but everything about the race.”– The Field Magazine

In 2000 Alasdair began showing his work at major equestrian events around the UK. The popularity of his early work in pastels and charcoal resulted in invitations to become Artist in Residence at Blair Castle and later at the Horse of the Year Show at Olympia.

In 2002 Equestrian Art Ltd. began representing the artist, and such was the impact of Alasdair’s work in exhibitions at major sporting venues in the UK and abroad that he has acquired a loyal and growing band of collectors.

In 2008 Alasdair added works based on oil and canvas to his repertoire of pastels and ceramic sculptures.

In 2008 Lloyds TSB banking Group, a major sponsor for the 2012 London Olympics, invited Alasdair to become one of the chosen artists to portray equestrian sports at the Games. So began a 3 year association with Lloyds which saw him present live art events including Monet at the Savoy, Leonardo (Museum of Wales), and the Edinburgh Festival. Residencies at Glorious Goodwood and The Festival of Speed followed, challenging both his stamina and creativity, as he produced large paintings outdoors and under the public gaze.

In 2015 Alasdair’s artistic flair in motor racing art, resulted in his appointment as Creative Partner for the Edinburgh launch of Aston Martin’s latest James Bond ‘Spectre’ movie marketing event.

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