Robyn Neild has worked as an international fashion illustrator for over twenty years with clients ranging from fashion houses Givency, Vivienne Westwood, Elizabeth Arden to Glamour and Vogue magazines.

Robyn always harboured a desire to translate her images into 3D by modelling and sculpting in clay, and after moving to Kent this dream came to fruition.  This expanded to exploring the traditional qualities of bronze sculpture using the technique of ‘lost wax’, to create highly textured forms caught in movement, and pushing the technique past traditional boundaries to create original, delicate textural pieces which have now become her trademark.

Robyn has returned to her roots, having always had a love of horses from her rural childhood in Cheshire, and revels in the challenge of capturing the power and grace of horses in movement. Spending so much time sketching supermodels on the catwalk has helped hone her talents.

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