FAMOUS ARTISTAskild Winkelmann

Askild Winkelmann

Askild Winkelmann is an exciting new talent who has studied various styles of art in different European cities; from contemporary in Barcelona to old masters in Florence.  Her current aspiration is to complete her Master of Fine Art degree at West Dean College in Sussex.

Studying in Sussex, her love of horses and horse sports grew as she watched polo and horse racing around Cowdray and Goodwood.  This passion for the equestrian theme drove her to experiment with combining figurative horse painting with abstract techniques, breathing new life into a genre dominated by more traditional styles.  The experimentation quickly deveoped into a serious study of horses with a focus on detail and a desire to explore, capture and portray the raw emotion of the horse on canvas.

Askild believes passionately that the depiction of a horse and rider should reflect their power, passion and partnership.  In her works, she attempts to bring out these elements and show in an expressionist style their interplay.  The abstraction of her work highlights the movement of horse and rider while the realism displayed in the faces of the horses show the raw emotion and their soul.

Askild is an artist that is not bound by one medium but loves to experiment and try new things, to develop with new techniques learned.  She has studied the use of acrylics, watercolours and oils but tries to use them in less conventional and original ways.

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